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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Au Pied de Cochon Mexico City

Au Pied de Cochon, under the hand of chef Guy Santoro, was part of the rule that kept the French cuisine in Mexico (with all its merits) is now in a time of healthy decadence. The dining rooms are filled on a Friday paycheck to the lunch (Mexican time, of course), wine and pigs remains at the center of the table you are, as your hostess and waiters, with a broad smile. However, the kitchen, the traditional par excellence, he is upsetting (although the chef is new, the menu stays intact). Onion soup, stew revitalization came in handy for rainy days, is very well served, is plentiful, the cheese that comes from all sides become entangled in the soup spoon but lacks the intense flavor and penetrating caramelized onions. In the space of several specialties strong, are iconic leg of pork, beef cheeks or coq au vin. The choice on this occasion was the duck confit served with gratin Dauphinois (a timbale of baked potatoes with cream) and lettuce. The meat is very soft, slow cooking process, but have no crispy skin, the lining of the potato helps supplement not only the taste but the texture with a touch creamy but in the end plate feels too fat. For dessert we recommend the apple tart tatin, vanilla ice cream (although the waiter denied it is great, can be shared between two people). For the best experience is much better to mix all the ingredients, the cream helps balance the sweetness of the ice and always the temperature shock is palatable. The wine, like all of the Hotel President, is a virtual encyclopedia for the diner. They have varieties of the world, including the copying, but prices are high (the cheapest drink costs you $ 133) The service is impeccable reception to pay the bill. Weekends are served by "cheeky club" with a space designed for children, children and nannies bufette. For prices and years of experience of this restaurant's dishes (which are now in places throughout the city district) should be very clean. 
au pied de cochon

Los Danzantes Mexico City

This great temple of Mexican cuisine lives up to the corn smut, that authentic Mexican food, or you love so much or simply can not even see. Perhaps one of the virtues of this site is that, thanks to some unusual mixtures chef is likely to achieve the demand for this corn fungus, becoming an amateur. As you'll find entry Dancers Fondue, served inside a large piece of bread. It is a good start to masterfully disguise the strong flavor of the corn smut. You can also order the ravioli with cream of corn smut, which can give you very thirsty. If you consider yourself as master of this folk food, then feel free to just get into the chicken breast stuffed with huitlacoche, since here the predominant flavor is, without doubt, the wet little bit of land, the rasposito that just Fungus corn. If you prefer to go without seeing, other options are recommended: coconut shrimp wrapped in sweet and sour soup, chipotle seafood, fresh tuna with habanero mojo. Join any of your dishes Dancing cocktail, made with mescal and fruit (mango, tamarind, strawberry, guava, lemon or orange). Just remember the devastation caused by the mixture of alcohol and sweet! To close with a flourish, the pie filled with quince and baked cream cheese takes the cake. Maybe he has some puff pastry, but the creamy filling combination forget what makes dry pasta. Request it in time because their preparation has more than 20 minutes. The atmosphere is bohemian, the waiters are friendly and are distinguished by being hippie-type hippieZara cools. The music is contemporary national and international and invites you to stay to make desktop. It is best that you sit on the terrace, because inside is a little dark. However, outside tables also have against the little ones begging for money. Maybe you a bit uncomfortable.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

El Rey del Cabrito Monterrey

Example of the then northern kid is the king of which stands out as one of the
Mexico's most important restaurants.

Located in the heart of the city of Monterrey, NL, has been honored internationally for its quality and prestige, to which tourists, performers, artists and of course, they Monterrey arriving to eat some tasty ribs or a tasty fried pork, served with salsa and beer.

If you are looking for authentic Mexican dishes, this is your option, you can find everything from authentic northern flank steak, blood sausage, tenderloin, but if queire cabirto try, I recommend the baby goat brest and certainly the ribs. Do not forget to order your favorite beer and good salsa to accompany all dishes.

For more info, please visit: http://www.elreydelcabrito.com.mx/index.html

El Rey del Cabrito Monterrey


Fishers, Seafood Mexico City

Since the beginning Fishers has worried to prepare the best dishes in a very different way to the traditional; always looking for the satisfaction of the clients. Their cousin in integrated by the highest quality ingredients and the freshest shrimps and fishes which are bought daily. In their menu you can find shrimp, oyster, Alaska crab, octopus, squid, frog legs, roe mullet and much more.

Some of their most famous creations you can find the “camarones petroleros”, tacos, seafood casserole and the Fishers Shrimps, all beers are available and also any kind of cocktail to enjoy your favorite sport on their LCD’s.

Don’t forget to go in their many locations, for more info please visit their website:

Hong Kong, Chinese cuisine Cancun

One of the first restaurants in Cancun is the famous Hong Kong, this place has been set for 26 years and certainly have grown considerably. Regardless of the great competition we have, Hong Kong managed to remain at the forefront and his secret is simple: achieve perfection.

They are located in the mall of the same name, between the avenues Labná and Xel-ha and 5 as well as other locations in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, all their menu is made by people of Chinese nationality so that the flavors are authentic and not adjustments to the site.

In gender preferences may break and here you will find something for each member of the family, from a sweet and sour chicken for the kids, a Chop Suey for dads shrimp or chicken Chinese style, is certainly an excellent choice for local people and visitors. All dishes are a la carte or you can opt for the buffet, which for the price, is one of the best in Cancun.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elefanta Cancun

zona hotelera cancun
Elefanta Cancun
Last Friday I went to dinner at the Elephant and I take a big surprise, the place is fully themed like a fancy restaurant in New Delhi, the music is typical of the area and very calming and the views of the lagoon is simply beautiful, top quality service and certainly the quality of food is the best in the city.
Order a typical entry which constituted a small portion of 4 dishes with shrimp, lamb and chicken, all with different types of curry and which are recommended to eat some mint sauces, mango, tamarind and yogurt; no doubt the flavors are delicious, are "hot" but not by the amount of chile but by the feeling that create the different spices, I think it's as if you drown in taste.
The main dishes were a few shrimp with coconut curry, lamb curry and lamb curry other always served with rice and the same consistency as necessary to order a curry rice. There was nothing better for dessert than a carrot pudding with coconut ice cream, without a doubt was the finishing touch to the delicious dinner.
Prices are not anything cheap, average consumption per person is US$50 which is rather high for the average worker in the city but if you're going to experiment and discover something new, without a doubt is an excellent choice.
Elephant restaurant is located in the city of Cancun's hotel zone just inside the island plaza next to another delicacy, the Thai, which will review them soon.

Dpa Bistro Cancun

One of the classics in Cancun is the Dpa Bistro, which is characterized by having the best pancakes in town, and a very romantic and warm enviroment. The Dpa is located in the park of the palapas on the streets of Gannets and if you do not know it, you'll definitely have to come.
The menu is very complete, you can ask from a sweet or savory crepes, cuts, seafood and pasta, not forgetting to look at the wine list and drinks because they are the perfect complement for that very special night.

Prices are not anything crazy and very accessible, the time when the waiter serves the inputs, main dishes and drinks are decent and it will be very rare that you leave with a bad comment there. Undoubtedly, you're good service, delicious food at an excellent price, I highly recommend the Bistro Dpa Cancun.