Welcome to this blog about the best Restaurants in Mexico, it includes restaurants from Cancun, Mexico City, Acapulco, Los Cabos and biggest cities around the country.


Los Cabos Restaurants

For more than a decade, this vibrant restaurant has surprised its customers with an incredible array of international cuisine prepared flawlessly, in addition to light up the night with its famous specialties flamed beside their table. Do not forget to taste its delicious fruit and chocolate fondue, a marvel.


This sophisticated restaurant exudes passion and good taste. Its menu features a fabulous selection of predominantly north-Italian cuisine, created with ingredients imported from Verona. Accompany your meal with one or two glasses of wine Amarone to complete an authentic Italian dining experience. With a vibrant atmosphere and impeccable service is definitely one of the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.
Arts & Sushi San Goyito 
This fantastic and lively restaurant in Cabo San Lucas serves a fantastic variety of sushi, sashimi and other traditional Japanese delicacies. The walls are decorated with a large collection of modern art that complements the relaxed atmosphere and modern. Dine inside and watch the master chefs skillfully prepared dishes, or choose the spacious outdoor patio and enjoy a little sake in the cool atmosphere of the evening.

Baan Thai 
When you enter Baan Thai know you're about to feast on. The aromas of jasmine, coconut, curry and lemongrass will welcome you and awaken your senses.
This restaurant is a hidden gem of San Jose del Cabo, and you can check when enjoying the freshness of its ingredients. The friendly chef and owner knows how to pamper their clients, and any fan of Asian food will make this a favorite restaurant.

Baja Cantina 
With the largest sport fishing yacht in Los Cabos as a backdrop, Baja Cantina is a great option to go for a drink and stay for dinner. The eclectic menu ranges from seafood fresh from the ocean, to pizzas, burgers and Mexican specialties. There is also a wide variety of choices for vegetarians, including vegetable fajitas''famous.'' At night you'll find a live band to make your evening more enjoyable.

This restaurant offers twelve delicious types of cuts on the grill served at your table with huge swords. The most surprising thing is that the waiters serve you return to again and again until you are told otherwise. The restaurant also has a huge salad bar and other typical Brazilian dishes. An excellent choice for those who prefer a juicy steak!


Prepare for the sensational flavors of "spontaneous cuisine" of this unique restaurant. The Chef Casiano Reyes surprise you with its peculiar way of preparing food dishes developed spontaneously, works that probably will not ever see, but that's always a nice surprise for your palate. Your dining experience is not complete without a fine wine Baja California, carefully selected to pair with the delicious dishes Casianos.

The people love this restaurant because it combines perfectly an amazing atmosphere and food simply delicious. The aroma of juicy steaks and lobster tails cooking on the grill with mesquite, make it your mouth watering. As if the food and atmosphere were not enough, the spectacular view of the marina will leave you speechless.

The Chilar 
The Chilar, San Jose, is a small, cozy restaurant that exceeds the boundaries of Mexican cuisine. The walls are decorated with colorful paintings by local artist help create an atmosphere truly spectacular. With a letter of 140 wines, 30 different tequilas and specialties like flank steak marinated in walnut sauce and chile cascabel hardly find a similar dining experience.

The Galleon

The Galleon is a stylish restaurant with a beautiful view of the Marina Los Cabos and provides the best of Italian cuisine in very large and delicious dishes.

Hard Rock Cafe

With its distinctive pink '59 Cadillac out of the windows and walls decorated with dozens of objects belonging to famous characters from the Rock 'n Roll, Hard Rock Cafe in Cabo San Lucas is an excellent representative of this successful chain. Americans typically delicious dishes, its attractive promotions and spectacular drinks, promise a night of good food and fun in Los Cabos.

Traditional Mexican Food, vegetarian, seafood exceptionally fresh and reasonable prices indeed distinguish Jazmin's restaurant in San Jose del Cabo. Hidden behind the beautiful colonial church, right in the center, Jazmin's is a culinary gem unknown to many people.
The place is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

La Bodega 
La Bodega is a concept that arises from the need to offer a contemporary Mexican option in San Jose del Cabo. It has a unique architecture with pleasant lighting. The customer has the option of enjoying their food in an area with air conditioning, or an outdoor patio under a beautiful tree rubber, both areas with background music.
The menu at La Bodega has a wide variety of appetizers and entrees made with highest quality beef, fresh seafood, various salads and soups. Food has the largest and highest quality standards, whether in the case of steaks, pork or fish, shrimp or chicken breast. It also provides a temperature-controlled wine cellar with a wide selection of domestic and imported wines, mainly from Mexico, South America, North America, France, Spain and Italy.

Country House 
In the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas, La Casa Country has a unique style with influences of Old West and the restless spirit of the cowboys. This is the right place for those who love big, juicy steaks. Dressed in suit and cowboy hat, the waiter made a show of dance to the rhythm of country music. You will see that it's not long before the guests leave their tables to join this fun party!

La Dolce Ristorante Italiano

La Dolce is one of the best restaurants in the area for its delicious Italian food and unique atmosphere. With waiters who go back and forth carrying plates of pasta and glasses of wine, encouraging customers holding regular talks and contemporary ambient music, La Dolce has a decidedly bistro. If you want a more romantic dinner with your partner, you can choose the outdoor patio area, surrounded by lush vegetation and with a ceiling covered with stars.

Restaurants in Los Cabos with an excellent location right next to the marina in Cabo San Lucas, this restaurant offers an eclectic mix of tastes Italian, Mexican and Asian, all accompanied by an amazing sight. If you are not sure what you want to eat, just go to this restaurant and have a look at their menu full of hearty dishes prepared by a chef who artfully blends flavors from around the world.

La Panga Antigua 
Situated right in the heart of San Jose del Cabo, this charming restaurant serves Mexican food with some emphasis on extremely fresh seafood. The building's colonial charm and rustic decor, including bare brick and wrought iron furniture, create the perfect atmosphere for a dining experience unparalleled in San Jose del Cabo.

Las Palmas 
Famous for its fresh seafood, Las Palmas is one of the best restaurants on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas. With its stunning location overlooking the bay and the Arc of the End of the World. Its large terrace is perfect for a romantic dinner, or you can choose a table on the beach to feel the sand in your ankles and enjoy an evening cocktail.

The Cabos Lorenzillo's Restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood and especially for its delicious lobster. This restaurant originally from Cancún, whose slogan is "We the sea at your table", has consented to customers around the world since 2003 in Los Cabos with its-winning cuisine. Decorated in nautical and offering spectacular sea views, plus a friendly, professional service, Lorenzillo's is a real treat for lunch or dinner.

Mariscos Mazatlan 
Offering excellent seafood seafood, Mazatlan Seafood Restaurant is a small family business located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. Cool under a large palapa, the chef of the restaurant serves a tempting variety of fish and shellfish from the Gulf of California, while the mariachis entertain guests with their upbeat melodies. A fun and friendly place to enjoy fresh seafood at very affordable prices.

Mi Casa de Mariscos 
Ubicated in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Mi Casa de Mariscos offers an amazing variety of Mexican dishes based on seafood. Surrounded by a huge colonial-style building, this restaurant has a lively atmosphere and live music create the perfect setting for a romantic meal with your partner or a group dinner.

Mi Cocina 
Known as one of the best restaurants in San Jose del Cabo, Mi Cocina offers a romantic and creative cuisine, delicious and outstanding quality. Some recommendations include RACQ home and Lamb Provencal Shrimp Risotto for dinner and the delicious creme brulee and a fantastic chocolate cake for dessert.

Nik San Japanese Restaurant 
Very close to the marina in Cabo San Lucas, Nik-San offers what is probably the most fresh and delicious sushi around Los Cabos.

Oasis Bar and Grill 
This restaurant grilled specialties is a great choice for lunch or dinner in Cabo San Lucas. If you visit during the day, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, juicy steaks or hamburgers. If you go at night, do not forget to try the house specialty: grilled lobster. Given its excellent location and attentive and friendly service, prices are very reasonable indeed.

Olé Olé 
MexicoCon Restaurant overlooking the marina in Cabo San Lucas, this spacious restaurant and tapas bar offers a tempting variety of combos on the grill for dinner, and various specialties of the cuisine of Spain. The decor, soft colors in the light of candles add a romantic touch. Its wide selection of wines and cocktails complemented a delicious dinner, while the quick service and friendly waiters make everything perfect.

Mexico's named restaurants in honor of the famous revolutionary Pancho Villa, this excellent restaurant is a gem. Colored tablecloths, fresh flowers and murals decorate the place, creating a unique and enjoyable atmosphere. The menu includes flavors from many regions of Mexico and portions are generous. A great choice for eating in a fun and unique.

Peacocks in Cabo San Lucas, bases its success on its excellent cuisine, impeccable service and truly romantic atmosphere. The place is elegant and cozy, offering both a heated area as an outdoor patio decorated with a charming fountain. Those who appreciate fine cuisine and good wines are a perfect choice in Peacocks.

Pocho's in Cabo San Lucas, is an excellent place to dine, especially for fans of seafood, they have their own fishing fleet if you are a lover of sport fishing and wants to prepare his own fish. With a fun and friendly atmosphere, everyone can have fun at Poncho's.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse 
Located in the sea level in Puerto Paraiso Mall in Cabo San Lucas, this internationally renowned restaurant is a must for anyone who enjoys a juicy steak of the highest quality prepared exquisitely. The service, decor and food of course, guarantee a delicious culinary experience to end a wonderful day in Los Cabos.

Solomon's Landing 
With very attractive prices, Solomon's Landing restaurant specializes in lobster, shrimp and seafood in general.This pleasant spot near the marina in Cabo San Lucas, has a multitude of repeat customers including both local people and tourists, which is a clear reflection of the quality of its dishes. If you want to dine in a relaxed and enjoy one of the best restaurants in Los Cabos, this is the right place.

Sunset Da Mona Lisa 
Italian restaurants in Los CabosSunset Da Mona Lisa is an Italian restaurant overlooking the bay of Cabo San Lucas, which offers fine Mediterranean cuisine and spectacular sea views. Whether you visit in mid-afternoon for a drink with friends or to eat with a couple in a romantic setting, friendly staff and delicious food will make your visit an amazing experience.

Tequila is a magical restaurant where the main dining room is outdoors in a lush garden full of fruit trees and herbs. Relax under the stars while sipping his eclectic dishes accompanied by fine wine. With all the warm and cozy in Los Cabos, Tequila is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner or social event.

Located in the heart of San Jose del Cabo, Newfoundland is a simple restaurant that offers a variety of traditional Mexican dishes prepared with authentic flavor home. Being a family business, Terranova has an excellent reputation as one of the best places to sample authentic Mexican food, in addition to exemplary service. Open from breakfast to dinner. 

The Office 

Located in the famous beach of El Medano Cabo San Lucas, the restaurant, The Office is a great choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner in a casual atmosphere. Its huge Margaritas are as popular as traditional Mexican cuisine, seafood and fish. The recommendation is to try a great dish called "land between two seas", which combines soft lobster meat, jumbo shrimp and a juicy New York court. The Office is ideal for eating with family and friends.