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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Los Danzantes Mexico City

This great temple of Mexican cuisine lives up to the corn smut, that authentic Mexican food, or you love so much or simply can not even see. Perhaps one of the virtues of this site is that, thanks to some unusual mixtures chef is likely to achieve the demand for this corn fungus, becoming an amateur. As you'll find entry Dancers Fondue, served inside a large piece of bread. It is a good start to masterfully disguise the strong flavor of the corn smut. You can also order the ravioli with cream of corn smut, which can give you very thirsty. If you consider yourself as master of this folk food, then feel free to just get into the chicken breast stuffed with huitlacoche, since here the predominant flavor is, without doubt, the wet little bit of land, the rasposito that just Fungus corn. If you prefer to go without seeing, other options are recommended: coconut shrimp wrapped in sweet and sour soup, chipotle seafood, fresh tuna with habanero mojo. Join any of your dishes Dancing cocktail, made with mescal and fruit (mango, tamarind, strawberry, guava, lemon or orange). Just remember the devastation caused by the mixture of alcohol and sweet! To close with a flourish, the pie filled with quince and baked cream cheese takes the cake. Maybe he has some puff pastry, but the creamy filling combination forget what makes dry pasta. Request it in time because their preparation has more than 20 minutes. The atmosphere is bohemian, the waiters are friendly and are distinguished by being hippie-type hippieZara cools. The music is contemporary national and international and invites you to stay to make desktop. It is best that you sit on the terrace, because inside is a little dark. However, outside tables also have against the little ones begging for money. Maybe you a bit uncomfortable.

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