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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elefanta Cancun

zona hotelera cancun
Elefanta Cancun
Last Friday I went to dinner at the Elephant and I take a big surprise, the place is fully themed like a fancy restaurant in New Delhi, the music is typical of the area and very calming and the views of the lagoon is simply beautiful, top quality service and certainly the quality of food is the best in the city.
Order a typical entry which constituted a small portion of 4 dishes with shrimp, lamb and chicken, all with different types of curry and which are recommended to eat some mint sauces, mango, tamarind and yogurt; no doubt the flavors are delicious, are "hot" but not by the amount of chile but by the feeling that create the different spices, I think it's as if you drown in taste.
The main dishes were a few shrimp with coconut curry, lamb curry and lamb curry other always served with rice and the same consistency as necessary to order a curry rice. There was nothing better for dessert than a carrot pudding with coconut ice cream, without a doubt was the finishing touch to the delicious dinner.
Prices are not anything cheap, average consumption per person is US$50 which is rather high for the average worker in the city but if you're going to experiment and discover something new, without a doubt is an excellent choice.
Elephant restaurant is located in the city of Cancun's hotel zone just inside the island plaza next to another delicacy, the Thai, which will review them soon.

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