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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Au Pied de Cochon Mexico City

Au Pied de Cochon, under the hand of chef Guy Santoro, was part of the rule that kept the French cuisine in Mexico (with all its merits) is now in a time of healthy decadence. The dining rooms are filled on a Friday paycheck to the lunch (Mexican time, of course), wine and pigs remains at the center of the table you are, as your hostess and waiters, with a broad smile. However, the kitchen, the traditional par excellence, he is upsetting (although the chef is new, the menu stays intact). Onion soup, stew revitalization came in handy for rainy days, is very well served, is plentiful, the cheese that comes from all sides become entangled in the soup spoon but lacks the intense flavor and penetrating caramelized onions. In the space of several specialties strong, are iconic leg of pork, beef cheeks or coq au vin. The choice on this occasion was the duck confit served with gratin Dauphinois (a timbale of baked potatoes with cream) and lettuce. The meat is very soft, slow cooking process, but have no crispy skin, the lining of the potato helps supplement not only the taste but the texture with a touch creamy but in the end plate feels too fat. For dessert we recommend the apple tart tatin, vanilla ice cream (although the waiter denied it is great, can be shared between two people). For the best experience is much better to mix all the ingredients, the cream helps balance the sweetness of the ice and always the temperature shock is palatable. The wine, like all of the Hotel President, is a virtual encyclopedia for the diner. They have varieties of the world, including the copying, but prices are high (the cheapest drink costs you $ 133) The service is impeccable reception to pay the bill. Weekends are served by "cheeky club" with a space designed for children, children and nannies bufette. For prices and years of experience of this restaurant's dishes (which are now in places throughout the city district) should be very clean. 
au pied de cochon

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