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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cheesters Cancun

We have to talk about the famous Cheesters pastes, which is located in the SM 31 which makes it a really popular choice and economic downtown. All pastas are made at the time so you can breathe the freshness of the ingredients, especially spices, with the bay leaf and thyme favorites.

Here you can from Caesar salad to the house specialty is the "chicken Cheesters", a chicken breast stuffed with turkey ham and cheese on a pasta with cream sauce, yes, you have to keep a fairly empty stomach because here the portions are plentiful.

Unfortunately you can not consume alcohol, so the perfect combination of cheese ravioli with ricotta and red wine can not be taken but do not worry, the taste of the dishes speak for itself, in any case you can order a "coffee " which are delicious.

To reach is a bit tricky but you get on Avenida Kabah in front of Autozone, there are always lots of cars so there is no lost and just opened Chessters Pizza, which soon I will tell you that.

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